Truth and Belief by Peter C. Scheponik

Truth and Belief
The morning sky sings her blues,
reaching high notes of cream-colored clouds
and a sponge-print moon.
The goldfinches are already in the garden
their black feet clinging to
the spiny faces of coneflowers
as the finches industriously
forage for food with their ebony beaks.
The yellow swallowtail dances, at the peak
of his power, drunk on nectar and his hour
to find love.
The Queen Anne’s Lace spreads the tablecloth
of her flowers across the field in preparation
for the feast, luring butterflies and bees
to celebrate, to drink, to eat their fill.
It seems the machinery of new day
cannot help but spill itself like life
in glowing currents of beauty bright,
glory of the morning light that fills the sky
with shine I can believe.
Peter C. Scheponik has published four collections of poems: Psalms to Padre Pio (National Centre for Padre Pio, INC), A Storm by Any Other Name and Songs the Sea has Sung in Me (PS Books, a division of Philadelphia Stories), and And the Sun Still Dared to Shine (Mazo Publishers). His work has appeared in a number of journals, most recently All Sins Literary Journal, Adelaide Literary Magazine.

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