Bait by Daniel Casey

duck 3

stock photo

It’s one more duckling saved
by being pulled from a drainage grate,
another ‘watching this will change your life,’
unsolicited comment, humblebrag,
or don’t-ask-me-about-it-ask-me-about-it
status update. This is your life now. You wanted it,
you’ve got it. Couldn’t leave if you wanted to,
fact is. It’s a net and you’ve been trolled.
But no one makes you do anything.
Let me know, when that clicks.
You’re as old as your mom
was when she realized she
didn’t understand anything about you
anymore, as old as your dad
when he discovered none of it was
intuitive. They didn’t make this,
we did. Who taught our kids to
mediate our shared world with
such nonsense needing to be seen,
heard, amplified, denied, affirmed,
and not so much? This is not for us
any more than it was for them.
So, no, why don’t you not worry about it;
it’s not about you.

author pic

Daniel Casey has a MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Notre Dame. He lives in Murray, Kentucky. He can be found on Twitter as @misanthropester





  1. Reblogged this on Misanthropester and commented:
    I’m fortunate and glad to have a poem of mine featured on the site North of Oxford.

    This is a poem is intended to be about social media; specifically, it’s about hating Facebook.

    It’s also the poem from which I take the title of my current full-length poetry manuscript, It’s Not About You. I’m still shopping that book around to indie press and contests.


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