2 Poems by Nanette Rayman

Slutted, Waiting for Next Year
Not to worry. Your life is only your life
until you know this world is a dream. Like
how you’re talking with someone intently
when suddenly you feel the air in shadow
of a repellent machete—not
real, the earth, and your mind moves through
the air with its radical rain and you snap
back to this world—where did you go? Kissing
the air, your body falling to asphalt. Now
Dreaming Doubt could be the most beautiful part
of being. Descartes, are you turning over?
The most beautiful part of sitting outside on earth
is the improbable fact that we are
among flowers, though tramped on
unaware they are slutted waiting for next year.
Not to worry. It will be lighter soon, prettier. You know
the road where you will walk, and you walk. The life
you thought you’d have is a dream. Are you
home or not home?  Not to worry. You
had no home. The door slammed. Beautiful
dahlias battu on this earth where the breeze whispers,
barely moving the calendar. Do not bend
your body in a posture of dejection over
a pothole of urban smut. Dream there
is something you can depend on:
“Behold, a place (makom) is with me”
            (Exod. xxxiii. 26)


renaissance bird beating itself
I am an angry woman
I blister with mountain air
And flail
seemingly alone
against what I have energy to fight
and rail, renaissance
bird beating itself
against a lampshade
beneath the dirty
of winter sky, beneath the boiling
summer sky laying bare
its machete, the broken
glass bursting
and I feel
the frore air—a sting, a cut,
no tonic before I fight
and I gorge
on the fight against the gougers
of flowers, imagined
freedom, the petals
are all eaten—
I will not go
into the brumal sky
and I feel a bite
and prick in my breasts
I caress like a cavity
unfilled, stashing
muscular vengeance
for the Never Again
that has come
beneath the névé gelid sky.
Nanette Rayman
Nanette Rayman, author of poetry books, Shana Linda Pretty Pretty, Project: Butterflies, Foothills Publishing. Best of the Net 2007, DZANC Best of the Web 2010, winner Glass Woman Prize for prose.  She performed off off Broadway, studied at Circle in the Square and with Gene Frankel. She graduated from The New School.

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