She Was Loaded by John D. Robinson

She Was Loaded
Earlier tonight
Miles Davis
take of
‘Time after time’
came from my
radio and the
last time I heard
that was when a
friend knocked
at my door: I
could see that
she was loaded and
she opened up
to me,
I could have
taken the
but rolled joints
and poured wine
and when I
awoke I was
alone and when I
saw you next you
were in a casket
and I walked away
from this funeral
as I have done
so many times
time after time.

John D Robinson

John D. Robinson is a UK poet. His work has appeared widely in the small press and in online literary journals. His chapbooks include Cowboy Hats & Railways (Scars Publications, 2016) and An Outlaw In The Making (Ibid, 2017).


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