2 Poems by Christopher Barnes

“Putting You Through Now, Caller.” (1)
“Thirkell confided she’d bargained, hobbled away,
Fingers crushing that suitcase,
Something taut in her eyes.”
“Guess she’s on the plane,
An age-encrusted face glimmering in a window.”
Putting You Through Now, Caller.” (3)
“Beth has a stark-mad warp –
Might-a-gored him anyway.
Kitten heels and blighting scrutiny.
Airless confidants once.”
“Retrace that freeloading…you at the wheel –
Pearls hustling on Cadillac seats.”
Christopher Barnes is a Newcastle, UK poet. His poetry has been published widely and he has performed his poetry at numerous venues. His collection, Lovebites, was published in 2005 by Chanticleer Press. Barnes is also an art and literary critic.

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