Obit by Doug Holder

But he was 68 years old.
Only a few years older…
A twinge in his pancreas
dead in three months.
Or he was found on the toilet seat.
Cheap plaid boxers
under an expensive linen suit.
They found him propped in his favorite chair
in front of the TV
Archie Bunker said “Ah, Jeez”
and he was gone.
They were known for their kindness
but what a world we would have had.
These men and women
proud of their service
survived by many
as if it was an accomplishment
a son in Cleveland
a daughter in Dallas.
They were just a few years older
the black and white
post office face
that stares
at me
as a matter
of fact.
Doug Holder teaches English at Bunker Hill Community College in Boston.. He is the founder of the Ibbetson Street Press, and is the arts/editor for The Somerville Times. His latest book of verse is ” Last Night at the Wursthaus”  ( Grey Sparrow Press)  He recently collaborated on a play with playwright Lawrence Kessenich  “The Patient,” which had a staged reading at Playwright’s Platform in Boston. Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene

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