The System by John D. Robinson

The System
‘The system let me down’
is something I often hear
and it’s true,
systems often break-down
and when this happens
systems, concepts are
nothing more than
theories on how this or
that would operate
just ideas,
like the idea that oil,
gas and water are
‘owned’ by giant
corporations rather than
being the rightful
ownership of the globe’s
but we let ourselves
down as individuals and
collectively, systems,
theories, philosophies
divide and corrupt:
love unites
compassion and
humanity unites
but you won’t find
them in any
aren’t yet
john 3
John D Robinson is a UK poet; hundreds of his poems have appeared in print and online: he has published numerous chapbooks and a full collection of his poetry: ‘Hang In There’ Uncollected Press USA:

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