Two Poems by Lynette G. Esposito

The trees are the earth’s legs
Where are they walking to?
The sky won’t have them
The sun burns their leaves
One legged they stand at attention
Afraid to fall,
leaning into the wind.
The tall grass is the earth’s hair
Filtering the dark dirt
Waving in untilled fields
Rising up and away
From its many anchors
Why is it trying to flee
And where does it want to go?
When cut, it comes back in the same place.
We are earth’s indigenous
species, why don’t we all look alike?
Why is some skin burnt and others copper
And still others like coconut milk?
Where are our two legs always moving
unlike our green cousins?
Where are we trying to plant ourselves to be safe?
We are blades
slicing life’s water with our razor tongues,
drinking in the vapors to douse the fire within,
why do our souls combine with earth and become
one when our open mouths can no longer speak?
Miracle of Birth
Deep in the dark womb
where God’s face is clear,
we know the other side of life.
Dark there is not the dark here.
We flourish attached to the ancient vine
that winds back to the original garden.
We are seed from an apple long forgotten.
In the silt of our mothers,
the different kind of dark
is the miracle of light.
Lynette G. Esposito has been an Adjunct Professor at Rowan University,  Burlington County and Camden County Colleges. She has taught creative writing and conducted workshops in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  Mrs. Esposito holds a BA in English from the University of Illinois and an MA in Creative Writing and English Literature from Rutgers University.  Her articles have appeared in the national publication, Teaching for Success; regionally in South Jersey Magazine, SJ Magazine. Delaware Valley Magazine, and her essays have appeared in Reader’s Digest and The Philadelphia Inquirer. Her poetry has appeared in US1, SRN Review, The Fox Chase Review, Bindweed Magazine, Poetry Quarterly, That Literary Review, The Remembered Arts Journal, and other literary magazines. She has critiqued poetry for local and regional writer’s conferences and served as a panelist and speaker at local and national writer’s conferences.  She lives with her husband, Attilio, in Mount Laurel, NJ.

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