Two Poems by Judy DeCroce

We Keep the Words
will we forget the darkening summer—
   praise its many colors
and mumble a prayer
regret means nothing to nature
what unnecessary words should we say
as the tree comes down
fingers once brushing sky
the grasses holding flush
its fullness gone
the green arch only scant left
perhaps—the word is
Empty Spaces
understanding in one single push how it goes
eyes into fog                fog into bones
empty spaces choose stories
when there is wind, whisper, or thunder
conversations drift up
and you listen keenly to a crew dead 30 years
and the cadence blowing below and above the waves
while the ocean only sighs
Judy DeCroce, is an educator, poet/flash fiction writer and avid reader whose works have been published by Plato’s Cave online, Pilcrow & Dagger, Amethyst Review, Tigershark Publishing, The BeZine and many others. As a professional storyteller and teacher of that genre, she also offers, workshops in flash fiction. Judy lives and works in upstate New York with her husband poet/artist, Antoni Ooto.

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