Dream Train by Mike Reis

Dream Train
The known-by-bloodstories grandfather,
Who spent without qualm in Manhattan.
The known-by-heavyhearts grandmother,
Opposed to hugs and “hoi polloi.”
And the known-by-no-one-no-more,
Hopeful Hessian turned leather purveyor to planters.
My dream train debarks these worn-out people
To loiter with intent by tattered baggage,
To knowingly hiss: Know us
Or you will never know yourself.
Mike Reis grew up in Baltimore and taught GED to adult students for a year at Centro Loyola in Philadelphia. Reis has had poems published in Gargoyle, Lucille, Urthkin, The Archer, Laughing Bear, Unicorn, WXPN Express, the Amelia poetry postcard series, and Cabin Fever, the anthology of the Joaquin Miller Cabin Poetry Series.

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