Two Poems by John D. Robinson

The Search
We may have saved one- another,
or at best let each other go,
but we didn’t,
we couldn’t:
I still walk these filthy
streets looking for her,
knowing she’ll never be
found, as was her wish,
maybe my footsteps seek my
light, but I know that she
has taken this too,
I have so much to thank her
but my mouth is dry and
my eyes are filled
with dust.
Much More
He was an old friend,
no, he had been like a
father to me many
years ago when I
needed a father:
‘I haven’t got
Disease anymore’
he said to me
through the electronic
I looked back at him
feeling joyed and
bewildered: ‘That’s
great’ was all I
could manage:
‘I’ve given it to God,
Jesus has taken the
disease from me’
he said:
for what was to be
the last time,
we embraced
like father and son:
a couple of weeks
later he died: his name
was Mervin and he
was an old friend of
he was so much more.
John D Robinson is a UK poet: he has published several chapbooks and five full collections of his work: his latest release is ‘Always More ‘New & Selected Poems’ : Horror Sleaze Trash  USA

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