Cantata by Jeffrey Cyphers Wright

Cantata by Jeffrey Cyphers Wright
Drought robs the sycamores, plucking
leaves in June. A breeze pushes them
into a swarm of withered pages
rasping anxiously across the court.
Then stillness. They die back down.
Invisible forces carry us along.
I am a prisoner of hope.
A congress of loneliness. A dry tear.
An old motor sputters before purring.
Empty boxcars couple with a boom.
Copying Ovid’s playbook, I hold out
for change. Home is made of wings.
Thunder clears its throat but won’t sing.
The goal in life is joy. Today sun reigns.
Jeffrey Cyphers Wright is a publisher, critic, eco-activist, and artist.He is best known as a poet and the author of 15 books of verse, including most recently Blue Lyre from Dos Madres Press. He has an MFA in Poetry from Brooklyn College where he studied with Allen Ginsberg and also taught. Recent poetry is included in New American Writing, 2017. For many years, Wright ran Cover Magazine, The Underground National. Currently, Wright stages events showcasing artists and writers at KGB Lit Bar and La MaMa ETC in NYC, in conjunction with his art and poetry journal, Live Mag! He regularly contributes to American Book Review. Wright is a Kathy Acker Award recipient for 2018.

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