Sweet Pea by Jonie McIntire

Wild Sweet Pea
Sweet Pea
Child born early
            cusping April
who struggled    pale blue face
  to be born
            he shoots up
    green through sand
            tender petals curling
   back to find their edges
my daughter
       who is now my son
is learning how
   to drive
            wraps tendrils
around the wheel
   climbs from back seat
up front
     delicate face bright
              and forward
Jonie McIntire is author of chapbooks Semidomesticated (Red Flag Poetry, 2021), Beyond the Sidewalk (Nightballet Press, 2017) and Not All Who Are Lost Wander (Finishing Line Press, 2016). She hosts a popular monthly poetry reading series called Uncloistered Poetry, which brings poets in from around the country. She has received multiple Accelerator Grants from the Arts Commission of Greater Toledo. Learn more about her at https://www.joniemcintire.net

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