Confession:  a Song of Love to the Artist, Modigliani by Maria Keane

Modigliani (1)
Confession:  a Song of Love to the Artist, Modigliani
Do I dare tell you of my love?
Your self-portrait looks pained, tired, bored, out of touch.
Perhaps my presence will lighten the shade of paint,
your choice for desire in your eyes.
I want you to carelessly smear your paints on
the swan like neck of your model, Jeanne.
She tilts her head toward you and
makes promises she will never keep.
I want her to leave.
You hardly wait to dab the auburn of her tight braid.
It curls and winds upon the bare of her shoulder, a snake
ready to seduce the presence of her lover. She writhes beneath your touch.
Please allow her dismissal so that I may yield to your charm.
I beg your indulgence and strive to satisfy your whims.
 I wish to please. I will gladly succumb to your desire and
elongate my body to your caress.
Maria Keane, published poet and visual artist, served as Professor of Fine Arts Wilmington University, New Castle Delaware from 1984-2009.   Her volume, Heroines and Housewives: Themes of Inspiration in Selected Art was published in1994, by the University of Delaware. Her visual art was awarded a Professional Fellowship in Works on Paper in 1997 by the DDOA and the NEA. Keane’s poetry, has been the recipient of several residency awards by the Delaware Division of Arts.  Her poetry received national honors by the National League of American Pen Women. A book of poetry, Being There (includes illustrations by the author) was published in October, 2018.  It was awarded a First in the Creative verse/ book award by the Delaware Press Organization.  A second book of poetry, Being Present: Personal Spaces published in May 2020 was also a recipient of a First in Creative verse/book award.

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