carry by S.M. Moore

I think I hear the music you’ve been telling me about.
I’ve been looking for it for a long while,
but it seems like every time I hear it,
it moves further into the distance.
Every time I get close,
I can hear it moving away
faster than I can move.
But every once in a while,
I hear the notes ring out from between brick buildings.
I don’t know the city well like you do.
It is easy for me to get lost in these streets,
and even easier for you to hide.
I hear your music though.
And sometimes I wonder;
do you want me to find you?
Loud are the horns,
but the streets are convoluted.
Maybe I could find you if you came towards me,
but you go the other way.
You go the other way when you hear me singing.
S.M. Moore has published a section of a novel he co-authored in a small newspaper based out of Bates College. Moore is also a regular writer for the Portland, Maine newspaper, Up Portland. His poetry is published or forthcoming in Down in the Dirt, Flora Fiction, and Literary Yard, among others.

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