When Clouds Escape by Antoni Ooto

When Clouds Escape
a slowing fog
unties a thirst for the ocean—
silent, mooring.
The first sounds…
dogs warning along slow hills,
and loons drop to clear vacant water
keeping busy
Asa’s Landing
nearly concealed in rushes,
there—and not there.
Safety cups the cove
where beach grasses frame.
Here, two men rest
as ageless as silhouettes
and over there that rescue skiff
patient, beached
with nowhere left to go.
Antoni Ooto lives and works with his wife, poet/storyteller, Judy DeCroce, in rural upstate New York. Ooto is a well-known abstract expressionist artist whose art is collected throughout the US. His poetry is widely published internationally in print, online journals, and anthologies.  Antoni regularly contributes to The BeZINE, Amethyst Review, Front Porch Review, The Poet Magazine, North of Oxford, OpenDoor Magazine, and Vita Brevis Press.  

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