Two Poems by Edward L. Canavan

[under wing]  
untaken stock
low in the heart of matters
still to rise
day in and out
toward the wondering lust
of too long alone
caught in the trap of mind
rolling thru
the unwritten pages
of blank expression
and the useless expectations
of things never known.
[sorts of flight]
undeemed pleasantries
swallowed like cloves
away from inner circles
of pride’s wide smiles
as bastions burn
in the lighthouse mind
leaving every barren shore
littered with the gold of confusion.
Edward L. Canavan is an American poet whose work has most recently been published in Spillwords, Edge of Humanity, and The Opiate. His second poetry collection entitled PROTEST and ISOLATION was released by Cyberwit Press in July 2020. Born and raised in the Bronx, NY, he currently resides in North Hollywood, California, where he practices Buddhism and listens to Bad Brains.

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