Karen Corinne Herceg on the Joe Dans Radio Show July 26th at 11 a.m.

Poet Karen Corinne Herceg, a contributor to North of Oxford , will appear on the Joe Dans Morning Show with Donna Reis. The show will air on July 26th at 11 a.m. You can listen on line at http://www.wtbq.com

Torohill by Donna Reis

. By Karen Corinne Herceg . Death and disappointment can be called life’s great equalizers. No amount of money, privilege, or cryogenics has yet found a way to exempt any of us. Grief spares no one, even in our best attempts at denial. It has arguably the most profound impact on our journey through life […]

Planetary Motions by William Seaton

. By Karen Corinne Herceg . William Seaton possesses a poetic voice whose sage and steady delivery comforts yet challenges us simultaneously. These qualities are on fine display in his latest book Planetary Motions. This collection’s combination of astute observational wisdom and inquisitive introspection allows us to explore the wonders and mysteries of the world with […]

Gothic Orange By Robert Milby

A Guardian of Lost Legacies .  By Karen Corinne Herceg. In Robert Milby’s new chapbook, “Gothic Orange”, he fosters in us “the awe of eternal human history” (P. 5, l. 13), as he states so eloquently in “The Fossil Record, Catalogued by a Child.” He uses his home county of Orange in the Hudson Valley, […]

The Boulevard Trial by Stephanie Laterza

. By Karen Corinne Herceg In clear, often compelling prose, Stephanie Laterza’s debut novel, The Boulevard Trial, offers us a contemporary story of moral dilemmas, confused intentions and missed connections that frequently result in disappointing resolutions and, at times, even tragic consequences. The traumas of the novel’s characters bleed into their ongoing personal experiences like an […]

The Gates of Pearl by Jill Hoffman

. By Karen Corinne Herceg . There are two voices in Jill Hoffman’s latest book The Gates of Pearl. In many ways these voices both coalesce and duel with one another simultaneously. They alternate between Hoffman’s poetry and her mother Pearl’s poems and journal entries. Pearl passed away in 1979, but her voice rings through […]

Ordinary Impalers by Anton Yakovlev

. By Karen Corinne Herceg . Anton Yakovlev writes with a nuanced sensibility and finely spun sensitivity that almost belie the impact and depth of the messages contained in each poem of his subtle but powerful new collection “Ordinary Impalers.” We are all truly “impalers”…not the larger-than life-monsters of history, the murderers, genocidal maniacs and infamous […]

Radio Poems by Jeffrey Cyphers Wright

Review by Karen Corinne Herceg . Jeffrey Cyphers Wright is one of the proper heirs to the famed New York City poets of Manhattan’s grittier, exhilarating literary scene. He received an MFA in Poetry having worked with Allen Ginsberg at Brooklyn College and studied with Ted Berrigan and Alice Notley at the legendary St. Mark’s Poetry […]

Seek the Holy Dark by Clare L. Martin

. Review by Karen Corinne Herceg . A FIERCE HEART               It may feel a bit unnatural to combine the words holy and dark, but all one needs to do is turn on the news and see well-intentioned people navigating a world of violence, and the realities of lives poised continually within antithetical forces, to […]