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Poetry Videos to Get You Through the Weekend

We searched YouTube for some of the poets we have published and our staff over the years to provide you with some live readings to enjoy during these turbulent times. We hope you enjoy!




Eating Raw Meat and Other Nuances of Life by g emil reutter

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Eating Raw Meat and Other Nuances of Life has just been released by Alien Buddha Press.

What Others Say About Eating Raw Meat and Other Nuances of Life 

“g emil reutter writes the poem the way I like it – sharp, detailed imagery, paintings in black ink carved into the page – the minutiae of life under the microscope. There’s clarity and depth here in this book but there’s power too – the power to move the mind and the soul. These words are fine words. My kind of poems. They should be yours too.” -Adrian Manning- Poet and Publisher at Concrete Meat Press

“Beneath dark shadows of maples, this watcher observes unnamed strangers and lovers beneath a generous moon, sympathetically and precisely with the eye of an oil painter.  The night turns to day, the seasons change, and the cycles renew.  A fine collection for any palate”. – Russell Streur –  Editor, The Plum Tree Tavern

In Eating Raw Meat, g emil reutter proclaims, “I stand on the rubble that is left / of the American dream”; looking out from that prospect, he tells us, “I think of the hard working class.”  Yet, even as these poems show us hard labor and trashed dreams, reutter affirms how close attention to those lives and to the natural world serves to redeem us on this “beautiful brutal blue planet.”  “I work the / garden the way I work a poem,” he tells us; and, centered among existences, “I … listen to what they say, watch what they do and write what I can.” This attention results in poems of integrity and of beauty: “rhythm / of rain, cadence of thunder, lyrical / hissing of wind.”

-Nathalie F. Anderson – Alexander Griswold Cummins Professor of English Literature and Director of the Program in Creative Writing – Swarthmore College

Check out the book here: Eating Raw Meat and Other Nuances of Life




These Days, Days Like This

These Day, Days Like This
These Days, Days Like This
By Adrian Manning and John Dorsey
Concrete Meat Press – Leichester England-February 2015
First Edition – 28 pages
Review by g emil reutter
In this limited edition, John Dorsey and Adrian Manning carry the torch for the Meat Poetry Movement. This masculine collection is tempered with an odd gentleness of remembrance.  These Days, Days Like This is dedicated to the late poet and publisher of Open Wide Magazine, James D. Quinton. This collection expands on the Meat Poetry form with strong imagery such as this from the poet Adrian Manning:
Days Like This
(For JQ)
It’s days like this
I want music without sound
A book with blank pages
And art with no shape,
Line or colour
It’s days like these
I want the clocks to stop
The roads to empty
And the sky to be clear,
Cloudless and blue
Nothing to disturb me
So I can stretch out a hand
And try to reach you
Wherever you are
At each turn of the page the reader alternates between the well-crafted poems of Manning and Dorsey.  John Dorsey steps up to the plate with this poem:
these days
for marlon harris
i peel skin away
from the sun
like a ghost
devouring a blood orange
we are nothing but smiles
and our credit scores
age is just a ring
inside the heart
of a dying elm tree
hawks circle
and count to ten
before pumping their fists
                           in the air
i blink
and you
Manning and Dorsey are poets who are always searching for redemption in the stark realities of life. They bring to us the familiar ghosts at times in that unsettled and wondering manner. Of doing just enough in the back of an Irish bar to feel whole and bring us to one of those rare moments, never closer; our hearts never more honest.

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