against narrative by howie good

Two Poems by Howie Good

Against Narrative
A thieving squirrel defies
the squirrel-proof bird feeder,
clinging to it upside down,
arrogant tail waving off cardinals
and black-capped chickadees,
until just this little snippet
of a story is all that’s left.
God Is a Joke That Nobody Gets
Your god sews eyelids shut,
gesticulates with the soggy,
chewed-up end of a cigar,
does a crap job intervening
in human affairs, tumbles
to the ground dead, then
gets up and dusts off his pants,
and tries to slip in the door
without the dogs going crazy.
Howie Good is the author most recently of Stick Figure Opera: 99 100-word Prose Poems from Cajun Mutt Press. He co-edits the online journals Unbroken and UnLost.