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Live at Cafe Improv

Our contributing editors recently performed at Cafe Improv in Princeton, New Jersey. Here are the videos and we hope you enjoy.


Best of Cafe Improv 2017

Cafe Improv has released a video of the Best of 2017. The cabaret offers and eclectic group of musicians and poets. Enjoy!



List of Artists

Cat Moon Daddy

Richie Olivera


Steve Hartmann

Russell Norkevich

Joshua Van Ness

Emari DiGiorgio

Pete McDononough

Instant Bingo

Fiona Tyndall

Ajay Divakaran

Avi Wisnia

Curt Lippe

Bear Cave Tower

The Wag

Jim Josselyn Group

Keith Monacchio

Three Guys and a Lady

Mark Wilbur Stewart

Tracy Colletto

G Emil Reutter

Tucker Bickell

Stephanie Chin

Spook Handy

Carolyn Messina

Diane Sahms-Guarnieri

Happy Joe

Mike Cohen & Steve Delia

Rachael Russell

Ray Naylor

Drew Breder

Robert Jude

Jim Gaven