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Pandemic of Violence – Call for Submissions


Deadline for submissions – 11:59 pm December 1st

Violence across the globe continues to tear at social fabric and government. There are many causes such as ego of the governing class, false propaganda, bigotry, misogyny, autocrats, dictators and cowards who fail to stand up. The pandemic of violence needs to be addressed by poets. In 2019 g emil reutter released a chapbook,   Violence – In My City  , addressing the systemic violence in Philadelphia. North of Oxford will now publish an issue dedicated to ending systemic violence. Please submit up to five poems for consideration, a brief bio, photo in jpeg. Submissions are to be sent to: no later than December 1st. Join with us to call attention to the violence that grips the globe. We look forward to reading your work.

Call For Submissions – Pandemic Issue #7


Coronavirus – A Year In.  Pandemic Issue #7

We are a year into the pandemic since our first issue was published. Issue #7 will be published at the end of this month. Tell your poetic story of coronavirus, your family’s story: your town’s story; your state’s story; your nation’s story; as the pandemic continues. Let us remember the fallen; the suffering; the doctors; nurses; first responders; front line workers; negatives; positives. Tell the story.

Submissions are due no later than April 25th.

Guidelines are simple: one to five poems in word doc. A bio of no longer than one hundred words. We anticipate a significant amount of submissions and therefore will not be able to respond to individual submissions. Send your submission to

North of Oxford

Call for Pandemic Poetry Submissions


Due to the overwhelming response to our four Pandemic Issues we published in April, and continued interest, we will once again publish poetry concerning the pandemic. Please send us your best work and how the pandemic has affected you, your neighborhood, and your country. As the virus continues its unrelenting attack, we urge all to be safe and wear a mask.

Send your submission in one Word doc. with no more than four poems, including a 50 word bio. Please send to . The deadline for submissions to the new pandemic issue is August 10thDue to the anticipated response we will not be able to respond to each individual submission and all submissions received after August 10th will be discarded.

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Call for Submissions


North of Oxford is open for submissions of poetry, book reviews, and essays/commentary. When submitting please follow our guidelines located here:


Submissions Are Open

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Submissions are open at North of Oxford. Please follow the guidelines and send your best.

Submissions are Open

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Submissions are open at North of Oxford for poetry, book reviews and essays. For consideration of publication please visit our guidelines here:

Diane Sahms and g emil reutter

Submissions Open

North of Oxford wordpress

North of Oxford, a journal of poetry, reviews and essays is always open for submissions. For consideration of publication please follow our guidelines:

Call For Submissions – The Plum Tree Tavern

plum tree

Plum Tree Tavern invites original and previously unpublished poetry reflecting themes of nature, environment and ecology. Please submit seasonal work: in season.Works of up to 24 lines sounds about right. Longer works of eco-poetry will also be considered, especially of witness, testimony and protest.

Work that focuses on the image in nature as it exists is greatly preferred over the writer’s judgments of the image. Except in connection with farming and working the land, Plum Tree is little interested in poems that focus on human activity or human nature. No attachments, except by prior arrangement.

View complete guidelines and how to submit at: