Finding Center by Abbe Mogell

Best Read Poets at North of Oxford – 2017



Unrequited forester contrite with sunrise by James Walton

Late, Almost Morning by Lucas Carpenter

Phoenix by Jane Rosenberg LaForge

Finding Center by Abbe Mogell

2 Poems by John Timpane

Revelstoke Mountain, 5am by Julia Wakefield

2 Poems by Judy Kronenfeld

2 Poems by Tony Rickaby

2 Poems by Peycho Kanev

2 Poems by Annie Blake

Fauna by Stephen Page




Finding Center by Abbe Mogell


Photograph by g emil reutter

Finding Center
I thought fall was immovable.
In a dry field rust is buried.
A town wakes up chilled.
No one listened.
Leaves of doubt fall for the last time.
I remember my first.
Front teeth missing.
No pink .
Secrets still hanging
in places
between his  2 front teeth.
They were all there without arms.
I like the scent of winter.
Abbe Mogell works and lives in the Philadelphia area. She is a poet, photographer and author.  Recently published in The New Mexico Review, her photography was featured in the online journal Talking Writing.