literary atoms 11 by christopher barnes

Two Poems By Christopher Barnes

Liberty Atoms 11
Birdcaged alarm clock flew
An hour pursuant to every ten minutes.
Maisie writhed, forecasted a drum roll;
Squabbled-about lace
Reduced to tatters.
Kalanchoe petals on flung down Riesling
Ordered the tidings:
“Look, there’s a cottage.  I can see a light”.
Quote: Iris Murdoch, The Nice And The Good
Liberty Atoms 15
Razor-wire teddy bear
Fissioned its thin ice.
Cynthia’s aura
Held no mollycoddle
Into an insensitive galaxy.
Maisie wrung the cigarette
                  –       Retaliation.
And on that postal stamp:
“There were faint scratching sounds
Rats perhaps,
Or what Ilona called ‘Mousekins”.
Quote: Iris Murdoch, The Nice And The Good
Christopher Barnes is a poet, filmmaker, and performance artist.