Memoir: Letters to Memory by Karen Tei Yamashita (Coffee House Press)

Recently Received Books

Review copies of the following books are available 

Updated: 7/15/18

Poetry/Art/Hybrid- Revealing Self in Pictures and Words by Tom Taylor, (Poet Spiel)- Eye Point Press

Poetry: One, Two, Three – Selected Hay(na)ku Poems by Eileen R. Tabios. (Paloma Press)

Poetry: Welcome Distractions by Carol Wierzbicki. (Unbearable Books/Autonomedia)

Poetry: Take Out Delivery by Paul Siegell. ( Spuyten Duyvil Press)

Poetry: Her Heartsongs by Joan Colby. (Presa Press)

Poetry: Masterplan by Eric Greinke and Alison Stone. (Presa Press)

Poetry: Two Towns Over by Darren C. Demaree. (Trio House Press- PDF File)

Essays: In the Shadow of King Saul: Essay on Silence and Song by Jerome Charyn (Bellevue Literary Press)

Novel: Mourning by Eduardo Halfon – Translated by Lisa Dillman and Daniel Hahn. (Bellevue Literary Press)

Poetry: Let’s All Die Happy by Erin Adair-Hodges. (University of Pittsburgh Press)