Persimmons Remind Me to Love by Kit Kennedy

Persimmons Remind Me to Love by Kit Kennedy

Persimmons Remind Me to Love
Don’t be fooled this doesn’t begin
with persimmons.  Begins with
intention, tool, experience, desire
to feed.  First a knife then wooden
salad spoons in the shape of right
and left hands.  A pair for stirring
and serving.  Remove calyx.  Pare.
Slice.  Breathe deeply for here is where
everything gets personal.  Notice the star
motif at the fruit’s center.  You are about
to serve those you love not simply the seasonal
but a slice of the Milky Way.  Here’s where I
get confused.  Who do I credit?  Is it Hafiz
or Van Gogh who shows me the way
to go love-mad into the stars?
Kit Kennedy is a queer elder living in Walnut Creek, CA.  She has published 6 collections including while eating oysters (CL WR Bks, Brooklyn, NY).  Work has appeared in Great Weather for Media, Pedestal Magazine, First Literary Review – East, Gyroscope, Tipton Poetry Review, Glass, California Quarterly, Otoliths, among others.  Kit blogs at