philadelphia poem

Philadelphia Pulp by Ezra Solway

reading term
Philadelphia Pulp by Ezra Solway
A homeless woman, crouching on the wet
Rittenhouse lawn, sniffs a donut.
Above her, a seedpod denotes.
Vapors of Ribeye, from the cart
On Walnut, sails leeward to the sun.
And slips of grease dot the pavement.
The bronze backside of William Penn,
As he gazes Northeast to the Elm
Of Treaty, is baking in the sun.
Staring, in the left corner of the Barnes,
Van Gogh’s Postman wonders
When Spring will blink.
If you ponder the pimples of a pineapple,
Fibonnaci. And before the gold
Casting of Philbert the Pig, a foundry.
It’s easy to forget Reading Terminal
Market was once a Railroad.
Ezra writes in Philadelphia where currently he’s an MFA candidate at Temple University. His work has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize and featured in Eunoia Review, Flash Fiction Magazine among others.