poet Kristina Krumova

A Poem by Kristina Krumova

blood on paper

Image by Diane Sahms-Guarnieri

Yesterday – the blood from my nose is flowing upwards
I can see    the floor is covered with stillness
Today – the dropped napkin is soaked with    us
notes collapse into noise
Yesterday – “To hell with your writing!”
the pencil is not just for    scribbling
Yesterday again – are you screaming insanity in my ears
your wrath and my malice screw each other so hatefully
Yesterday again – you are not there
you are not here, I’m not there, we    fled far away
Yesterday again – blood is dripping on your pages
your/my    pages, yours/mine
Yesterday – the blood from my nose drips upwards
Again – the pencil is good for killing too
Today – is not tomorrow’s yesterday, because    all of our tomorrows emigrated
Today – you are the tenth man with whom I die forever
Today – my gravity kept a minute of silence because    each
Yesterday – we will remember tomorrow



Kristina Krumova is 29 years old and she lives in Sofia, Bulgaria. She has a Master’s Degree in “Contemporary history” from Sofia University and she was an Editor at New Social Poetry Magazine, Bulgaria. Kristina Krumova works as a freelance editor and she’s preparing her first poetry manuscript.