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Coronavirus – Recommendations for Quality of Life


As we find ourselves in the middle of the pandemic, here are some suggestions/ recommendations to get through the day.

  1. Keep informed, but don’t be consumed by the 24 hour news cycle. Limit yourself to an hour or less a day of cable/internet news reports. Stay safe and follow your city/state guidelines and orders. Above all don’t be foolish about your health.
  2. Read literature. Order new books, read books from your library. Keep occupied.
  3. Read on line poetry/literary magazines. Take the time to enjoy the art of others.
  4. Respect spacing in the home. Give others in the home enough space not to make them feel confined. On the other hand when the time comes have family discussions.
  5. Order groceries and have them delivered from your local markets. From what we have learned there is up to a five day wait for deliveries.
  6. Keep your necessary medication in stock.
  7. Check out movies on antenna provided television or streaming services. There are some good films out there.
  8. Check out YouTube for poetry/literary readings. Here are our recommendations this month for you to have a look at: https://northofoxford.wordpress.com/2020/03/20/poetry-videos-to-get-you-through-the-weekend/
  9. Meditation, prayer, yoga, treadmill workouts, walking outside at safe distances all enhance your quality of life. Stay healthy both mentally and physically.
  10. Above all, be responsible. Don’t put others at risk. Call friends and family and remember to wash hands & keep six feet apart from others. If you have to go out then wear protective equipment and hopefully the curve of the virus will flatten.

With much love to all,

Diane Sahms and g emil reutter

North of Oxford


Poetry Videos to Get You Through the Weekend

We searched YouTube for some of the poets we have published and our staff over the years to provide you with some live readings to enjoy during these turbulent times. We hope you enjoy!