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September in the Meadow by Robert Milby

September in the Meadow
The sky is a rough, grey frock—
nimbus insulated for October mists and frosts.
Libra breezes—less visceral than Virgo’s harvest bushel,
But her hair is a nest of red Oak and orange Maple leaves.
Virgo’s cowlicks are blonde hay the girth of her bale,
Ruled by September’s flirtatious weather.
The stone wall’s tenant farmers are relieved as are the meadow seed gatherers—
Summer has reached retirement.
Equinox apples blush in cool dew, amidst copper-tinged eyelids
Fluttering in hope for Autumn Sun.
Barn spider does not prefer fog,
Yet hangs moon kissed water droplets on gossamer tapestries.
But the sky is a rough, grey frock, nimbus insulated,
Worn by a lonely goose, shouting omens of Winter.
Robert Milby, of Florida, NY, has been reading his poetry in public since March, 1995. He has hosted 32 poetry readings series since Sept. 1995. Milby is the author of several chapbooks and books of poetry. He served as Orange County, NY Poet Laureate, 2017-2019.


From Robert Milby

Saturday, 1 January, 2022


The free link to the event is here – just click it on on January 1st:

The performers are scattered over each two hour time span (below is an alphabetical list of every 2 hours:

2-4 PM
Jan Alexander
Robert Basner 
Larry Bush
Sage Higgins
Adam Lefevre
Tony Pena
Bruce Weber
Joanne Pagano Weber
Allison Koffler Wise
Dayl Wise
4 -6 PM
Miriam Atkin
Suzanne Bennett 
Andy Clausen
Richard Comerford
Teresa Costa
William Seaton
Gary Siegel 
Violet Snow
Sam Truitt
Pamela Twining
6-8  PM
Jared Fagan
Anne Gorrick
Brenda Goultas
Mikhail Howowitz
Mike Jurkovic
Phillip Levine
Brian Liston 
Leonard Nelencz
Richard Pantell
Guy Reed
Tom Romeo
Michael Ruby
Karan Whitman

Poetry Videos to Get You Through the Weekend

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