She Was Loaded by John D. Robinson

She Was Loaded by John D. Robinson

She Was Loaded
Earlier tonight
Miles Davis
take of
‘Time after time’
came from my
radio and the
last time I heard
that was when a
friend knocked
at my door: I
could see that
she was loaded and
she opened up
to me,
I could have
taken the
but rolled joints
and poured wine
and when I
awoke I was
alone and when I
saw you next you
were in a casket
and I walked away
from this funeral
as I have done
so many times
time after time.

John D Robinson

John D. Robinson is a UK poet. His work has appeared widely in the small press and in online literary journals. His chapbooks include Cowboy Hats & Railways (Scars Publications, 2016) and An Outlaw In The Making (Ibid, 2017).