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Thugs, Con-Men, Pigs and More


From Contributing Editor g emil reutter

Thugs, Con-Men, Pigs & More- (Red Dashboard Press) Short Stories- Print Edition – Nov. 1, 2014 

“There are few neatly wrapped endings in Thugs. The reader meets men and women who are, for the most part,living lives of quiet desperation, some seem perfectly at home in the depths while others are trying to claw their way out. A lazy reader accustomed to knowing which are the “good guys” and which are the bad will likely be frustrated. Every character is a little of each—and that is what gives these stories their momentum and emotional punch.”  – The Lower Bucks Leader, December 13, 2014 Read more here – Page 20

“Reutter is so adept at feigning lack of literary style that you get swept up in a sense of pulpy authenticity.” – Matthew Kirshman

“Great collection of short stories. Reutter sheds his unique outlook through the characters he brings to life in these tales which range from grim to heartwarming. Excellent read; couldn’t put it down.” – George Wylesol

“Reading these short, muscular stories by G Emil Reutter is like walking into the lives of good people who experience bad things. When trouble comes, these people do the best they can, but often it isn’t enough. Violence and heartbreak are just around the corner, and most of the stories end with a twist—perhaps the twist of a knife. As you keep reading, though, you find the humanity, community and even love in each difficult situation.”

—Thaddeus Rutkowski, author of Haywire, Tetched and Roughhouse

“These are stories that knock you back with short powerful jabs of empathy.”

–           Stephen Page – The Type and Byte Review


Coulrophobia & Fata Morgana

Coulrophobia & Fata Morgana

By Jacob M. Appel

Black Lawrence Press – 2016

Review by g emil reutter

Jacob Appel is an observer of life and family. This collection of short stories captures the internal dynamics of family or what we believe family is. He brings to us the intimacy of sibling rivalry, parental impact, of betrayal with a set of unique characters set in bizarre circumstances and the everyday.

In the story, The Butcher’s Music, Appel sets the tone for this compelling collection of stories. We are introduced to two sisters, one a butcher the other a professional musician who plays a Tecchler cello. In the end Appel leaves us to decide who the butcher is and who is not. In Boundaries he brings us to a remote Customs Station on the Vermont and Canadian border on Christmas. The two agents are snowed in preparing a holiday dinner for the evening and ready to watch It’s A Wonderful Life for entertainment.  In this story Appel captures the intimacy between the two agents who are yet to be romantically involved and how their evening is interrupted by a young woman who approaches their station to enter the United States when they discover her skin is covered in a sheaf of pustules. The tension in the story rises as they have to take her in the station and are exposed to her illness. Appel captures the media obsession and irresponsibility with a story that may not be what it is and the reports on cable news.

Coulrophobia & Fata Morgana is at times dark, at times humorous. Appel’s development of characters in these short stories is simply outstanding and compelling. As one turns the page from one story to the next an unexpected adventure awaits the reader.

You can find the book here:–fata-morgana.aspx

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