the photograper by alan catlin

Two Poems by Alan Catlin

The Photographer
Near death
she reclaims
her long
Art: taking
pictures of her
fellow travelers
along the ward;
barely able to
stand herself,
she holds a camera,
focuses a lens,
she sees all
that has been
missing in her
life, all those
years past,
the ones that
will never come.
Death and the Maiden
Listening to Schubert
as the candle
burns out
the bent wick
in a puddle
of drying wax
the junk littered
room, torn curtains,
broken bed frame
we know exactly
how this ends but
not when
Alan Catlin has published dozens of chapbooks and full length books including, most recently, Asylum Garden: after Van Gogh (Dos Madres) Memories Too (Dos Madres), Sunshine Superman (Cyberwit) and a fictional memoir about his bar jobs , Chaos Management (Alien Buddha).