Two Poems by Kim Whysall-Hammond

Two Poems by Kim Whysall-Hammond

Sunlight jags across bare branches
casts long shadows over ridge and furrow
gives no favour aloof in winterbright sky
rabbits  mourn the loss of grasses
russet brown of a red kite hunts above
chill wind cuts my coat
lazily going through not round
Pale primrose lies low
bold daffodils stand to attention
and the budding begins
sticky tree buds emerging from wood
reddish, shading to luminous green
all wait, as do I
with baited breath
for the right moment
the burst of Spring
Drowsy summer, warm and humid
brash coral flowerspikes
lean out of hedgerows
where bees amble and drone
in a bustling household I am idle
not gardening, not busy
sitting making plans to waste more time
Autumn leaves litter roads red and orange
the long slide into the cold begins again
advent madness beckons
like a siren calling us onto the rocks
of family festivities, hidden lonelinesses, retail greed and envy
soon rooftops will grow neon reindeer
all too soon it will be Christmas
She has parked behind me
putting her vehicle
and her body
in the way of traffic to protect me
and I let her
coward that I am
On the edge of a dangerous road
engine failed
lorries flash past only inches away
I shiver in February cold
dressed in office skirt and heels
look in my rear view mirror
Young woman
half my age
earning less than half my salary
public servant and protector
risking herself for me
and I let her
coward that I am
When the rescue truck finally arrives
the driver too scared to remove my car
she quietly tells him his legal duty
returns to her patrol car
I walk over and thank her
she smiles
tells me it’s her job
one she loves
As we leave
she blue lights away to another shout
smiling and waving farewell
Kim Whysall-Hammond is a Londoner, now living in a small country
town somewhere in Southern England.  She has  been published by Total
Eclipse, Fourth and Sycamore, Ink, Sweat and Tears, Three Drops from a
Cauldron, Amaryllis, Star*Line and Crannóg. An expert in obsolete
telecommunications arcana, Kim believes, against all evidence, that she
is a good dancer. You can find her at