How Dreams Grow by Manasi Diwakar

How Dreams Grow
First, it’s a hurricane of thoughts
Dreams flip like Dadasaheb Phalke’s*
moving frames–
girls lifting weights,
boys throwing javelins.
Stomach growls, expectations mount
By the candlelight, a vision, however blurred,
is sown. Roots break
barbed boundaries.
The tree grows tall. It shades
all who want, wonder, wander, alike.
Quietly, the pollens transfer.
* Dadasaheb Phalke, father of Indian Cinema.
Manasi Diwakar
Manasi Diwakar (She/Her) is the author of the forthcoming book ‘Tea For Two’. She has done her Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Technology and worked as a Technical Lead for twelve years before becoming a full-time technical editor. Her work has appeared in Women’s Web, Melbourne Culture Corner, Impspired, Literary Impulse, Wingless Dreamer, etc. She volunteers as a reader for Epiphany magazine and editor for Wingless Dreamer.

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