One Cat’s Dream by Joy Ueno

door 2

One Cat’s Dream
is to lean into
the lion
in the mirror
and not trust
the sun again
he watches the
world wide-eyed
from inside the
rescue center where
he avoids teens
with plastic
bags and
duct tape
cleans the angry sores
paws the king-sized cage
hisses god’s name
then curls in a
ball for days
he hides under
a thirdhand mexican blanket
then rises on
unsteady legs
to chow down
on grilled steak
at last he licks the chubby hands
his love at last like water escaping
purring he
leans into
the lion
in the mirror
and begins to trust
the sun again
Joy Ueno has grown up in southern California, where she currently resides. In her spare time, she enjoys watching roller derby, reading literature of all shapes and sizes, and trying out recipes on her friends and family.


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