2 Poems by Nasim Basiri


photo by Hengameh Golestan , 1979.

Can’t Talk
searching for clues and glimpses
of paradoxical nature of reality
in tales of captivity of streets and valleys
empty of souls
empty of voices
these maimed and tortured bodies
Silver Colored Road
unable to run
with her shaking legs
and a whole melting sea
in her eyes
and the smell of tobacco
is burning her frozen toes
drying off wounds of a frightened mind
thinking of a silver colored road
through her visible skirt
smelling like dust and blood
Nasim Basiri is an Iranian poet and activist from Borazjan in the south of Iran. She currently lives in the United States where she works and studies at Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies at Oregon State University. Nasim’s poetry and other literary works depict the suffering of humans, political and gendered violence and address the injustices associated with marginalization and global apartheid experienced by people in the third world and the Middle East in particular.


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