From The Sogni Banali Series by Marina Kazakova

rain sky
From The Sogni Banali Series
Under the drizzling sky
my heart survived
another grey day
of driving between the lines,
without you,
between the bikes,
in solitude,
between the eyes,
in search for true
crossing the boulevards
 wet and empty,
surrounded by gorgeous
of medieval times:
stuck on an intersection
in admiration
for the arms and shoulders
of a Roman arche –
solid and carved
as my stubborn heart
longing for a sunny afternoon
with the beautiful you.
Your silence is shaking
my heart,
jiggling the floors,
the roof,
the moon above,
knocking the walls,
slapping the doors,
telling my fingers
to write one more
for you and of yours.
In silence i am waiting
for words
to express
how strong
your silence
scratches the interior
of my wobbling heart.
Marina Kazakova (b. Gorky, Russia, 1983) is a Russian-born Belgium-based poet. Her literature works deal to a large degree with confrontation with the past and explore the challenges posed both by memory and grief. Published internationally in magazines and journals (Three Rooms Press “Maintenant”, “Great Weather for Media…”, “Crannog”, “Duck Lake Books”, “Writing in a Woman’s Voice”), Marina is a frequent performer, she has been shortlisted at various international poetry festivals and art events. Marina holds Master’s degrees in Public Relations and Transmedia. Currently, she is the Communications Officer at Victim Support Europe (Brussels) and working on her practice-based PhD in Arts at Luca School of Arts (KULeuven).


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