Two Poems by Jonel Abellanosa

Lucid Dream
                  After “Human Condition” by Rene Magritte
Seeing the black ball
enlarged on the floor,
I remember the rubber ball
I use to lower my blood pressure,
making my hand useful,
deflating and deflating
when I’m resting
after doing nothing.
With that image of the ball
I know I’m in my dream,
I decide to do nothing,
just sit feet from the canvass,
to let the sea participate,
so I could see it
paint itself
into my waking
memory, bring
myself to calm.
Past lives like Leo’s nine stars.
I remember what I knew
before I was born, arrow-arced night
sky, lyric deja vu. Nonlinear time
pulls me like bowstring, the future
a hide of bronze, ancient past reflecting,
mythic as the mane in the mirror.
Temujin was a Nemean lion.
I see Mongolian Steppes, clear as grasslands
of my youth. Standing in Cebu City,
I hear hordes, behold horses sending dusts
skyward. I stand before pyramids of skulls,
captives impaled, bloodthirsty desire.
At peace with myself, I let myself
be Karma’s child, agreeing to pay
for my sins centuries ago. I look
at my homeless friend wagging his tail.
I say his new name – Genghis Khan.
Jonel Abellanosa lives in Cebu City, The Philippines. His poetry and fiction have appeared in hundreds of magazines including, North of Oxford, Fox Chase Review, Thin Air, The Lyric, Poetry Kanto and The Anglican Theological Review. His poetry collections include, “Songs from My Mind’s Tree” and “Multiverse” (Clare Songbirds Publishing House, New York), “50 Acrostic Poems,” (Cyberwit, India), “In the Donald’s Time” (Poetic Justice Books and Art, Florida), and “Pan’s Saxophone” (Weasel Press, Texas).

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